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Have you ever seen what a suicide bombing looks like in reality?

This video at Hot Air  shows a lady in a saree, sitting down to settle some official business.

In truth, she is actually a Tamil Tigers member sent to assassinate an official who opposed them in the past. The Tamil Tigers were the pioneers of suicide bombing attacks, which were then picked up by Islamo-fascists who now are the overwhelmingly most frequent users of this tactic.

Clips from the vid, captions follow images:


Nobody suspects anything.


She stands up casually.


Notice her hand, pulling on something inside her saree.


A sudden blast, the woman seems to disappear due to the video frame rate.


And it’s over within seconds. A small blast, enough to take out the men seated directly in front of her.

And this, ladies and gents, is what will happen if civilian-targeting terrorism ever embeds…

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